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I am a passionate and self-motivated animator who resides in the icy north well known as Minnesota. I graduated college with a BS degree in Animation and Illustration in May 2021. 

I love animation and its process from start to finish. Knowing that I'm either making a creative idea come to life, or helping with making that dream a reality fills me with joy! 

Artist Statement

When it comes to art, to me, it is a way of expressing my active mind. When it comes to creating works, I have an idea of where I want to start and where I want to end. However, like life, change will happen. I am not fixated on just one ending because stories are complex. I am fascinated with the process of animated projects and the more I animate, the more my ideas will develop. Animation is a unique medium that captures the imagination into motion and make characters relatable and human to us. The artworks I am inspired by the most come from things that initiate emotion. I am especially interested in the characters in a story and how they, like us, develop over time. My goal as an animator is to story-tell with characters that touch people's hearts and invite the audience to explore their journeys with them.


  • Animation (ToonBoom, Maya, Unity)​

  • Illustration (FireAlpaca, Photoshop, Illustrator)

  • Character Design

  • Editing (AfterEffects)

  • Storyboarding

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