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About My Senior Project

My senior project is a short animation called Warmth. Warmth is a positive film about spreading love and kindness to others. Most of the characters in this animation will be in monochromatic

grayscale colors until a person that radiates a warm golden glow steps into the circle and hands a person in grayscale a flower with a smile. With the flower in hand, the formerly colorless individual bursts into color and returns the act of kindness to others around them until everyone has color. This animation is a reminder to others that a small act of kindness can go a long way.

- Focus on body language and expression

- Animate a variety of characters

- Focus on motion


- Will use the 2D programs Photoshop for backgrounds and Toonboom for the animation

- After Effects for putting the animation together and additional effects

- Will use copyright free sound effects and music with minimal to no dialogue for the characters

- If I have extra time, I will try to make my own music using Garageband

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